Wood for more homes

Greg Kloehn borrowed Unaverz to pick up two bundles of wood salvaged from an old aircraft carrier. Greg has built over 40 tiny homes and given them away to homeless families in the East Bay and San Francisco. With luck, this shipment will help build 40 more.

Studio 1034 actively supports Greg’s efforts by loaning our equipment and warehouse space, contributing financially and with the actual construction and delivery of the homes. Greg is a true community building super star.



Unaverz is back at American Steel

The Unaverz mutant vehicle is back at American Steel in Oakland. The adventures continue!


Shuffle Co-Op and Pongo working on late-night community building

Our good friends at Shuffle Co-Op hosted a late-night rave using our sound system. We started the evening with the Pongo Lounge crew.


Roni’s New Boat House

Kelly Jewett sits on the porch of a tiny home built by Gregory Kloehn and his crew… Delivered by Ulan McKnight with a little help from the UNAVERZ and members of Studio 1034. This tiny house has become the home of Roni and they now reside at the Albany Bulb.

Kelly Jewett sits on the porch of a tiny home built by Gregory Kloehn and his crew.

Kelly Jewett sits on the porch of a tiny home built by Gregory Kloehn and his crew.

Greg Kloehn Introduction

Here is an email thread between Greg and I.

From: Greg Kloehn
Date: January 11, 2014 at 5:16:23 PM PST
Subject: Homeless Home Project
Hello Everyone,

Thanks again for all of the support and interest. It has been great and a bit overwhelming, forcing me to go where I don’t usually venture… becoming somewhat organized and making a plan. But, I definitely want to channel all this good will as soon as possible. As of now, I have a lot of eager volunteers, many offers for materials, a few leads for workshop spaces, a couple of donations and an abundance of kind words.

I would like to invite people to come by my studio in Oakland to help me finish the two homes I’m working on now. I think 3 to 5 people at a time would work perfectly for the size of my space. I’m generally available weekdays 9:00 -2:00 and weekends. For this step, it would be more of a drop-in format, where who ever comes will be assigned a task according to their skill level. Tools used to build the homes include circular saw, disc grinders, nail guns, drills, table saw, sanders, screw guns, chop saw, brooms, paints, rollers, brushes, glue guns…etc. Something for everyone! At a later date, in a different location, I would love to do a workshop with 10-15 people where we construct 2 homes in one day from start to finish and document the process.

Drivers with trucks are also needed to collect materials. Up until now I have relied on the waste I find in the streets and the goodwill of the those around me, but to take this to the next level, we will have to import some materials from elsewhere. I will need someone to coordinate the pick ups. A map and time table will have to be decided to coordinate between drivers and donors.

Materials most used in the building of the homes include; long pallets 8′ x 10′, short pallets 3′ x 4′, plywood, OSB board, futon frames, solid core doors, cabinets, glass refrigerator doors & shelves, tempered auto glass, heavy duty Casters 200 lbs.+ capacity, tar paper, plexi glass, flooring, paint, nails, screw1 1/2″ x 3″, nails for nail guns, hinges, glue, silicon, painters caulk and almost anything else for detail work. Keep your eyes out, if you see something good grab it.

A typical home consists of 5 large pallets, one small pallet, 4 casters, 4 sheets of ply ore OSB board, glass for windows and extras such as cup holders mirrors, BBQ… etc

A web site is being created at this very moment with links to twitter, instagram, Facebook and pay pal! People will be needed to help maintain and add to these media sites. I would also like to make a How-To book and video on the building process of the houses so people in other areas can participate as well. If someone is able to help process and maintain incoming inquiries and material donations that would be greatly appreciated. I think that’s enough to start with. Most importantly we should just start. So please let me know what you would like to do and when you can do it. If there is some other way you would like to help please let me know.

I look forward to meeting and working with all of you great people.


Gregory Kloehn


Dear Greg,

I am fascinated by what you have done. Congratulations and thank you for your efforts.



I am part of a Burning Man crew funded by our non-profit Studio 1034 that is renting space at American Steel. I would like to talk with you about building tiny homes for the homeless.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

PS: I have been reading up on Tumbleweed and love the options presented in Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter.


Your homes are cheaper and quicker to build. I would like to build and donate a number of spaces like the ones you have given away to learn the process. I am also part of a group that is working with the homeless on the Albany Bulb. I would like to present options to eviction if at all possible.

Tiny Homes

I ran into this article about Occupy Madison. We have our own homeless issue right here. As I have been in discussion with a number of local folks about appropriate action, I figured I would investigate the “Tiny Home” movement.

I have been reading up on Tiny Homes since then. I enjoy the Tiny House Blog. Huffington Post has an entire Tiny Homes section. Ms. Turnball built her own environmentally friendly tiny home. Ms Alexander build hers for under $3,500.

And, of course, there is Jay Shafer’s The Small House Book. His proposed Tiny House Village looks exciting! Speaking of books, we have the original Shelter Publishing Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter which is now also available for iOS.

I think I am in love =)

I have ordered a bunch of things from Tumbleweed. Let’s see how this goes.

Open House

Here are some pictures from the Open House.

Haunted House – Friday, Oct 26

What: Haunted House
Where: 1034 Talbot Ave
When: 6pm – 9pm, Friday, Oct 26
Who: Open to the public

Why: Sheri Spellwoman and Ulan McKnight (our Founder!) are running for Albany City Council and want to show everyone the kinds of activities we envision for Albany. Plus it is fun =)

This Friday from 6 – 9pm Studio 1034 is hosting a Haunted House for the general public. We have a kid-friendly room, a scary room and a Horror Room.

After 9, we will clear the scary room and throw an adult-only after party (costume required!) from 10pm-1am.

Please join us =)

Open House – Photo Booth

Here are the pictures from the Photo Booth piece.

Studio 1034 Open House… A Success!!!

Thank you all for coming and supporting our vision. It was a success! We are opening our doors to a few new artists. Studio 1034 is now a band practice space for an amazing group of musicians as well as a rehearsal studio and theater for a improv comedy company! What can we do for you?

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